LBo Craft

Art + Design of Lindsay Bolin Lowery

LBo Craft is the culmination of a love for drawing, painting, photographing, documenting and working with my hands to craft handmade things that celebrate hometown pride, nostalgia, and nature. Shop LBo Craft here.

When you #ShopSmall...

When you place your dollar into the hands of a small business owner, you are looking into the eyes of the person whose existence revolves around making you, their customer, happy.

Before falling asleep, their nights consist of a to-do list and second guesses.

Each time you shop small, you help to quiet their self-doubt for a moment, and their thanks is genuine.

No one has laid their roadmap but lots of mistakes have led the way. 

Your dollar is going towards making the next 24 hour business day better– with some equipment or tool or opportunity they might not have accessed before.

A maker is a gambler who will take that dollar over and over again and bet it on the racehorse that is them self. Even when chips are down they can not shake the nagging thought that they can make it work so they reinvest that dollar in them self, their craft.

A maker is proud to show you and deeply shamed when its not right. They will fret over every detail, curse their hands for faltering, even though the perfection lies within the imperfection of it all. 

You are choosing to honor the virtue of hard work and craftsmanship over bottom line and convenience.

You are embracing the charm of good old American-made, home grown, hard work and determination.

You are getting so much more than what you bargained for.

#ShopSmall #BuyHandmade #local