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LBo Craft is the culmination of a love for drawing, painting, photographing, documenting and working with my hands to craft handmade things that celebrate hometown pride, nostalgia, and nature. Shop LBo Craft here.

BLUE MOON's 20 Artists 20 Labels Series is OUT!!

That's right folks, you can buy some art & some artfully crafted Blue Moon at the same time! July 1 marked the launch of the Artist Series, and my first sighting of my label was at the Moonlit Gallery kick off in NYC hosted by Keith Villa, the founder and Head Brewmaster of Blue Moon. Needless to say, SUCH A COOL NIGHT!! Freda Scott did an AMAZING job displaying the work, which was incredible to see in person. She and Keith were SO NICE and I had a chance to meet some of the other amazingly talented artists!

VOTE NOW on Blue Moon's Facebook page HERE!!


©Blue Moon Brewing, Co. 2015 Artist Series

©Blue Moon Brewing, Co. 2015 Artist Series

Thawing Out

Spring is almost here! 

This winter has been frigid and busy, and while I'm still trying to make a dent in the things I thought I would have so much time for (yeah right), there's been quite a few things I'm proud to share.

I am SO THRILLED to announce my artwork will be 1 of 20 pieces chosen from artists across the country to grace the label of THE AMAZING BLUE MOON to celebrate 20 Years of artfully crafted beer! I am incredibly honored and can not wait to share the piece with you, stay tuned this summer for the release and follow me on social media to help vote my label as number one!  @linds_lbocraft @BlueMoonBrewCo  #BlueMoon20Years 

At Art at Large, Inc., where I am right hand to the most incredible illustrator & business woman I know, Sally Wern Comport, our studio has been located in the Annapolis Arts District since before its designation. Its been a bit sleepy to start, but as of the past few months, with neighbors such as ArtFarm Annapolis, Charles Lawrance, Compass Rose Theater, and Metropolitan Kitchen, stuff is going down! We put together a float for Naptown's rapidly growing St. Patty's Day and it was ridiculous. Gavin of Metropolitan was "St Patrick" driving the "snakes" (kids) out of Ireland into the water, aka City Dock. ArtFarm graciously offered up their studio space for the painting of snake-filled murals to run the sides of one badass truck. Kiddos showed up to help and it was everything you want art and community to be.

Check out pics below, credit to Glenn A. Miller for the last two shots for Eye On Annapolis.

I also headed to Baltimore Print Studios to letterpress our newly printed Art at Large business cards! Kyle & Kim are amazing and their workshops are so much fun, check out their studio on North Ave in the Station North Arts District of Baltimore.

AND we had a wonderful launch of Sally's latest children's picture book Love Will See You Through: Martin Luther King's Six Guiding Beliefs (As Told By His Niece) by Dr. Angela Farris Watkins and published by Simon & Schuster. 

Art at Large, ArtFarm, Compass Rose Theater, KARMusic, the Zen House and my lovely husband and his mom all came together to make this event truly spectacular. Check out some photos from the night!

As for my pencil in hand, I'm getting back to my roots of drawing and journaling to reflect and build on thoughts and experiences from prior sketchbooks. Really getting diligent about drawing as much as possible.

I'm so excited to be back with the lovely ladies of HERE. a pop-up shop, Ellen & Amy for their Art Meets Style Encore at Maryland Hall this week!

Here are a few new pieces I'm debuting!

Hopefully lots more warm spring sketching to come!

New gig for 2015

2015 has brought about a resurgence of drawing for me. I have been given the wonderful opportunity to be a voice in my community as a designated Arts District blogger for! (The official site of the Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Conference & Visitors Bureau.) 

My first topic of inspiration came from a show I attended at Rams Head that I knew was going to be awesome. I took my sketchbook, a now half-full Shinola from Art Things, and a few pencils, and did not stop drawing the entire time.  

There’s something about drawing that makes you enjoy an experience on a different level. You never have those zone out moments; you hear the music better, you see the performers, the crowd, the objects in the room. You’re trying to get it all down at once and have it make sense and look interesting.  

I took a class at MICA with Warren Linn called Visual Journalism, and it is probably one of the most formative experiences I had as a student.  When I’m drawing from a live show, lessons I learned seven(?!) years ago continue to have new layers of meaning. One of my favorite Warren-isms was “If you’re bored, you’re boring”.  I think this was actually passed down from one of his instructors because he even said it sounded a little harsh, but its so true. To draw or paint anything with the notion that you’re obligated to is so bogus, and the quickest way to get yourself into your own very un-fun box.

I took my drawings, scanned, printed, and went over top in watercolor.  

Check out my post here!


When you #ShopSmall...

When you place your dollar into the hands of a small business owner, you are looking into the eyes of the person whose existence revolves around making you, their customer, happy.

Before falling asleep, their nights consist of a to-do list and second guesses.

Each time you shop small, you help to quiet their self-doubt for a moment, and their thanks is genuine.

No one has laid their roadmap but lots of mistakes have led the way. 

Your dollar is going towards making the next 24 hour business day better– with some equipment or tool or opportunity they might not have accessed before.

A maker is a gambler who will take that dollar over and over again and bet it on the racehorse that is them self. Even when chips are down they can not shake the nagging thought that they can make it work so they reinvest that dollar in them self, their craft.

A maker is proud to show you and deeply shamed when its not right. They will fret over every detail, curse their hands for faltering, even though the perfection lies within the imperfection of it all. 

You are choosing to honor the virtue of hard work and craftsmanship over bottom line and convenience.

You are embracing the charm of good old American-made, home grown, hard work and determination.

You are getting so much more than what you bargained for.

#ShopSmall #BuyHandmade #local

© Lindsay Bolin Lowery, LBo Craft. 2017